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Our development is based on society, we must shoulder our due social responsibilities, devote ourselves to the development of air cushion film void film protective packaging, air infalting bag, plastic packaging material air bubble cushion film industry, adhere to the concept of safety and health, and create more well-being for the society. The outstanding cultural orientation and cohesive function have brought vitality to the enterprise, truly realized the cultural prosperity of the enterprise, and gradually formed a corporate culture with the characteristics of the company. We believe that inclusiveness is not only an excellent quality of people, but also a quality that excellent enterprises should have. We are concerned about the environment and employee health and safety, and have fully passed the certification of occupational health and safety management system. Honesty is not only the requirement of law, but also the requirement of morality, and also the necessity of establishing enterprises. We understand customer requirements, serve customers, and meet customer needs. We are committed to building a global marketing and production network, and our products have now covered the world, with customers all over the world. We employ professional technical backbone talents, cultivate high quality staff, and develop foreign markets.
  • Inflatable Air Bubble Bag
    Inflatable Air Bubble Bag

    As a well-known and reliable supplier of Inflatable Air Bubble Bag, we are confident that our products are safe and that our quality level is industry-leading.

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  • Cushion Film Air Cushions
    Cushion Film Air Cushions

    1: Quality assurance, our bubble film can be loaded 40-100kg, our company has SGS/ROHS certification, product quality represents everything.
    2: Easy to operate, do not need to invest funds, just use air cushion machine to inflate, can control the length and quantity.

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  • Air Cushion Inflatable Packaging
    Air Cushion Inflatable Packaging

    After years of development, we have a solid market position and we can provide customized Air Cushion Inflatable Packaging to meet the needs of our customers.

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  • Air Cushion Packaging
    Air Cushion Packaging

    1. Kinds of Designs to choose, Air Bubble Film Bag, Air Bubble Film Rolls.Air Cushion Pillow, Film Air Cushion Bag, Air Bubble Machine Film Etc.
    2. Welcome customized sample. We can accept all customized requirement and also can help them to design according their...

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  • Air Cushion Bag Film
    Air Cushion Bag Film

    In recent years, our Air Cushion Bag Film quality is stable, the output is rapidly expanding, and the market share is steadily increasing.

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  • Air Buffer Void Fill Bag
    Air Buffer Void Fill Bag

    The bubble film has a good function of protecting the product during transportation, because the bubble film has enough air and the material is stronger.

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  • Air Filled Packaging Bags
    Air Filled Packaging Bags

    The air bubble film have a good function for protecting products when shipping , because the bubble film is with air enough and the material is stronger.

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  • Stuffing Air Cushion Bag
    Stuffing Air Cushion Bag

    1. Economization of storage up to 95%.
    2. Our film save 30% of the cost of the traditional packaging.
    3. Load 40-100kgs ,shockproof, anti-fall, safety protection.
    4. It can fit all kinds cartons size and can be more safety and reliable

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  • Air Bubble Cushioning Packaging Film
    Air Bubble Cushioning Packaging Film

    1: Quality assurance, our air bubble film can load 40-100kgs, our company has SGS / ROHS certificate, the quality of the product represents everything.
    2: Simple operation, no capital expenditure, only need to use the air cushion machine to inflate, you can control...

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  • Inflated Air Bubble Roll Film Bag
    Inflated Air Bubble Roll Film Bag

    Air bubble film for packaging-- for wrapping and bracing,it can take up to 100kg pressure,protect your product with surrounding wrapping and best cushion protect.

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  • Eco Friendly Inflatable Air Bubble Packaging Plastic Rolls Packaging Material Bag
    Eco Friendly Inflatable Air Bubble Packaging Plastic Rolls Packaging Material Bag

    each piece size is 400x300mm
    thickness is 20mic
    each roll has 300m almost 1000 pcs

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  • New Air Cushion Protective Packaging Bubble Film Bags For Packing
    New Air Cushion Protective Packaging Bubble Film Bags For Packing

    Our air bubble bags for packing which is widely used in Protection Transport of Security Products, electronic products, Precision instrument, Medical apparatus and instruments, Household Electric Appliances, Digital Technology Products, Process ceramics, wine and fragile...

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This supplier provides us with a variety of custom options to choose from, at a very reasonable price.
I'm glad we chose this company after long consideration, they are really trustworthy!
This supplier has a great pursuit of product quality, their technology is constantly innovating, and the manufacturing process of the product is also strictly controlled, so it is very trustworthy.
In order to meet the needs of the market, this company has developed and designed various related products. Diverse products reflect their development goals and confidence.
The company continues to produce high-quality products and impresses us with professional and thoughtful service. We also learned a lot of product knowledge during the cooperation, and were deeply moved by the company's people-oriented concept.
Their family is a big brand, trustworthy, and this time they directly choose their products.
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In the future, we will try to use new technology to create new business value and to contribute to research and product development for the air cushion film void film packaging, customized air cushion bag. As one of the most professional plastic cushion material for packaging manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're featured by quality products and good service. Please rest assured to wholesale bulk plastic cushion material for packaging at competitive price from our factory.

We use stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability of our products, with excellent after-sales service, and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation amount our customers across the globe.