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Air Shock Bottle Packaging

Air Shock Bottle Packaging

Product name: Wine Bottle air column bag
Brand name: Pai King
Material:PE +PA (Nylon)
Bags Size: Suitable for 750ml/500ml/350ml wine bottle Or customized
Thickness: 70 micron
Color: Transparent
Inflator: Hand pump, air compressor, air cushion machine
Sample: Free

About the packaging of Air Shock bottles

The Air Shock is a Pai King Packaging "shielded air" product designed to protect glass bottles during transport.

Similar to our standard airbag pack, the bottle pack is stored and delivered in a flat format, ready to inflate as needed. The range of air compressors and inflatable kits are essential for inflating backpacks.

Inflatable protective packaging

Air Shock bottles Packaging Advantage

1. Easy to inflate: All our airbags come with a pre-installed boiler to help the operator inflate.

2. Lightweight: Once inflated The air inlet cylinder holds 98% of air, which greatly reduces the overall loading load.

3. Work very well: very advantageous when filled with glass. The bag is made of LDPE, which is strong when blown and provides 360 degree air intake.

4. Ease of handling: Reduces production time and labor costs. because there is only one basket of finished goods

5. Space-saving: The non-blown bag stores the space needed to store polystyrene or foam materials.

6. Display: Narrow pillow, light, with a beautiful, attractive bottle.

7. Hygiene: No irritating or toxic residues. Suitable for beverage and pharmaceutical industries

8. Environmental protection: can be reproduced and recycled after use.

air column bubble cushion

Variety of Pai King Air Shock Bottles Packaging

The various airbags are suitable for different bottle sizes and are specifically designed for the beverage industry and the pharmaceutical / healthcare filed.


You can use it in two ways: inflate the bags before packing and placing them in the jars, or placing the empty plastic jars and spraying pillows around them. There are our shock air bottle pockets made of plastic to make inflation quicker and easier.


All packaging is made of 75 micron LDPE material, which creates a “short” feel to the bags. See the articles below for more information on each package.

air cushioning packing

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