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  • Nov 11
    Different types of air column bag. The different of Q, L and U type bag.
  • Dec 03
    Products name: biodegradable air bubble film Material: starch Brand Name: PaiKing Standard Size: 40cm width*30cm/32cm perforated*300m length per roll/Customized Thickness: 15um-30um Color: Transparent ​Shelf life: 1 year (Will automatically degrade after one year) Inflator: Air cushion machine Free samples, Free machine
  • Feb 16
    Air column bag has a wide range of applications, as long as it is related to packaging and products that need to be transported can use air column bags. It is a substitute for epe, eps, paper plastic, low cost, environmental protection, and good cushioning performance。
  • Apr 11
    Honeycomb paper is made according to the natural structure principle of honeycomb, it is corrugated base paper with adhesive bonding method into numerous hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons, forming a whole force part - paper core, and the two sides of the surface paper bonded into a new sandwich structure of environmental protection and energy saving materials.
  • Jan 19
    Air bubble film roll,it is a new kind air cushion packing, inflatable package to protect your goods and serve customers better.
  • May 04
    The choice of air cushion film must go to the air cushion film manufacturer. The air cushion film products developed and processed by the manufacturer have excellent performance. During the application process, they can ensure good earthquake resistance and cushioning. The preferred quality of the air cushion film manufacturer is also placed first. Bit.
  • May 06
    Choosing an air cushion film for item packaging has become the first choice for many Taobao sellers, but why is the air cushion film so popular? This is also inseparable from the anti-shock, anti-moisture and wear resistance of the air cushion film itself. The use of the air cushion film can ensure its better application effect.
  • Jun 08
    With the development of the e-commerce industry, the express logistics industry is also rising, and more and more people choose to shop online. On the one hand, the goods are generally cheaper than the physical store
  • Jun 05
    Air column bags, also known as buffer air column bags and inflatable bags, are a new type of packaging system filled with natural air in the 21st century.
  • Jun 04
    The thickness of the air column bag market is roughly as follows: 50μm, 60μm, 65μm, 70μm, 75μm, 100μm and so on. 100μm is rarely seen in the market, mainly used by some large listed companies! While other thickness air column bags are used a lot, so what thickness of air column bag is relatively the best?
  • Jun 02
    Inflatable cushioning air column bags and filled bags have a very good point, that is, environmental protection. Anyone who has used an air column bag knows that the composition of the cushioned inflatable packaging air column bag and filled bag is completely non-polluting and recyclable from the source blown film to the factory bag.
  • Jun 01
    Buffer air column bag product is a new type of packaging material, is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging material, and is also the first choice to replace traditional packaging materials.
  • May 29
    The packaging effect of the cushioning air cushion machine should be selected according to the different quality of the product, different materials and different packaging effect requirements. In fact, the selection of the heat shrinkable packaging film is not very cumbersome, as long as the yield of the heat shrinkable packaging film is good, the thickness is moderate That's it.
  • May 27
    The air column bag equipment is made of high-tech skills and environmental protection materials.The packaging bag is completely flat before being inflated.The huge space occupied during transportation is reduced, the loss during transportation is reduced, the transportation cost is reduced, the storage cost is reduced, and the manpower is reduced. capital. Buffer gas column packaging, widely replace the existing inner packaging information.
  • May 26
    The air column bag equipment is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. Its packaging material is completely flat before use, does not occupy the middle, and can save a lot of storage and transportation costs. Under general conditions of use, gas packaging bags can save you 20%-40% of shipping space.
  • May 25
    The air column bag equipment adopts PLC central control, man-machine interface display and operation, the main drive of the whole machine, the feeding and feeding are controlled by motor, the feeding tension is adjusted automatically, the feeding traction adopts frequency conversion motor, and the feeding and discharging adopts photoelectric automatic correction.
  • May 22
    The anti-shock protection of the air column bag for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, and the cushion protection of the air column type full-covering cover will minimize the damage rate.
  • May 20
    Air cushion film is a new type of transparent film that is shock-proof and pressure-resistant. There are many bubbles on the surface of the film, and there is gas inside, so the shock resistance is very significant. It can be seen on many occasions. Such as glass craftsmanship, or porcelain, etc. Here are some advantages of using air cushion membrane for everyone?
  • May 19
    Maintenance function. As a packaging material, plastic film is the most important and basic function of product maintenance. Once the maintenance of the product loses its effect and eventually causes the product to depreciate or be damaged, then the packaging material will lose its value.
  • May 18
    For the air-filled air cushion membrane, it makes a great contribution to us. Because its interior is filled with air, the air cushion film has good cushioning and shock resistance, which allows it to better protect the items during the transportation of the items, so it can be said that its existence Makes our logistics transportation safer and more convenient.
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