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Inflatable Air Column Film For Laptop Protector

Inflatable Air Column Film For Laptop Protector

Products name: Air column bag
Brand Name: PaiKing
​Material: PA+PE
Standard Size: air column bag for 14inch laptop or 15inch laptop/Customized
Thickness: 50um to 80um(single layer)
Color: Transparent/Customized
Inflator: Hand Pump, Air compressor, Air column machine
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air column bag laptop detial   

Inflatable Air Column Film For Laptop Protector


▪ Materials: Nylon (20%), Polyethylene (80%)

▪ Color: Transparent

▪Size: Holds 14/15Inch Laptops


①This inflatable laptop protective bag is light, durable and strong - it weighs less than a pound, but can hold more than 180 pounds! Specially designed air columns protect laptops and reduce damage caused by falls, with 360° protection for each and every accident. Plus, it is water-resistant, so it will defend against rain or puddles.

②It is easy to use , Easily inflated with any hand pump,providing quick and unmatched protection while shipping or traveling. Never worry about dropping your computer!

③It's the ideal laptop mailer which can easily compatible with your laptop shipping box, Ensures Safe Transportation during Travel or Shipping.

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Inflatable Air Column Film For Laptop Protector description 

Buffer air column bag We provide three design schemes according to the needs of market products:

 First, the bag-shaped design can print colors and trademarks. It is suitable for cushioning packaging of small items, such as mobile phones, notebooks, cameras and other small items.

 Second, the two-piece design. This kind of air column bag design is simple to pack, can improve product packaging efficiency, and is suitable for relatively large product buffers, such as LCD TVs, refrigerators, water dispensers and other products.

Third, the roll material design, this design is suitable for filling inside the carton or replacing other fillings. This method can prevent the product from moving in the carton, fill the roll material in the gap, and make the goods stand still, which effectively improves the safety factor of product transportation. Suitable for all fields of product cushioning safety.

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laptop air column bag

inflatable air column bag

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Inflatable Air Column Film For Laptop Protector is produced with high-quality PE+PA composite co-extruded film, which is durable and airtight. It can lock the air for more than 6 months without air leakage, which provides more protection for the product protection performance. At the same time, it is produced with great strength. The raw materials used in the air column bag are certified environmentally friendly original ecological film, which does not contain any heavy metals, burns non-toxic, and meets import and export standards.

The new type of cushioning material specially designed and produced by our factory for product safety protection can achieve the best product safety. It uses air for comprehensive protection, so that external pressure, vibration, collision and other factors are all isolated from the outside of the cushioning package. Let the product transportation arrive safely.

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