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Air Cushion Packing

Air Cushion Packing

Product name: Air cushion bubble film
Brand name: Pai king
Material: HDPE
Size: 40cm width x 32cm perforated x 300m/roll/customized
Thickness: 20 micron
Color: Transparent white
Inflator: Air cushion machine
Free samples, free air cushion machine

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What is the different of our bubble air cushion packing and regular bubble wrap?

1. Bigger bubble sizes

Compared with regular bubble wrap, our bubble air cushion packing is with bigger bubbles. Mainly, the bubble sizes are 40mm before inflated.

Without doubt, with bigger bubble sizes, it will have better protection performance than regular bubble wrap.

2. Row of cells design

Rather than each cell filling with air individually, for our bubble film, air is pushed through each row of cells and then sealed by air cushion machine.

Eventually, each row in the pattern is inflated which creates a continuous channel of bubbles.

3. Not pre-filled with air

Our film is not pre-filled with air when ship and can be inflated in whatever quantity and whenever it is needed. Using our film, you can create packaging on site to fit your needs.

And being not pre-filled with air before use, it greatly reduces freight cost and storage cost. It is ready suitable for heavy users of bubble wrap.

4. Tear-off lines

Unlike regular bubble wrap which need to use scissors to cut the films, our bubble film is with tear-off lines. You can be very easy and convenient to tear off our film. No cutter needed anymore.

Therefore, it makes you work more effectively and much saves you time and labor cost.

5. No more be easy to pop

Since our bubble film is designed as row of cells, when pressed, the air will move across the channel into the cell next to it. So rather than escapes that causes the pop, our film will no more be easy to pop.

However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot pop. With a twist and some added pressure, they will pop.

In conclusion, the differences between our bubble air cushion packing and regular bubble wrap are as below:

1. Bigger bubble sizes

2. Row of cells design

3. Not pre-filled with air

4. Tear-off lines

5. No more be easy to pop

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Bubble air cushion packing is high cost-effective choice for small factories, warehouses, companies, e-commerce, stores, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics and cosmetics, handbag and luggage, electronic products, automobile parts, fruit, food ect.

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