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Air Column Filling Machine

Air Column Filling Machine

Product name:Air column machine
Material:metal and plastic
Speed:15 meters/minute
Machine size :1070MM*330MM*710MM
Net weight: 21kg
Warranty: 12 month
Application:For inflating air to all different types air column roll or bags

air column machine detail


Air column filling machine

air cushion machine

Air column filling machine

We are the manufacturer for  air column machine\air column bag machine\air tube bag machine

 * Machine only 21kgs, available for 110v ~ 240v;

 * One machine can make air column bag,include:Q type,U type,L type,sheet;

 * Adjustable Air Volume, Temperature, Length needed;

 * Easy operation and maintenance;

 * Well sealed without air leakage;

 * CE, certified, quality guaranteed;

 * Available to produce any size to fit your product;

Machine makes many different size of air cushion, can match all your packing requirement, ALL IN ONE MACHINE

cushion filling machine

inflated air cushion packing machine

bubble packing machine

mini air cushion packing machine

Air Column Filling Machine Applications

It is suitable for making all kinds of air column bag and air column roll by PE+PA Co-extruded film. The products are having the advantages of low cost, saving space, re-cycling, easy packing, manpower saving, no pollution and long time air tight for stock and transportation.

Air Column Filling Machine FAQ:

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