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Air Packaging Machine

Air Packaging Machine

Product name: Air cushion machine
Brand name: Paiking
Material: Plastic + metal
Speed: 12 meter/minute
Size: 40 x 14.5 x 29CM
Weight: 4.9kg
Usage: Inflate air cushion film
Certification: CE
Warranty: 6 Months
Voltage: 110-220V
Power: 200W
Free air cushion film to test machine

Air Packaging Machine Description

1. Our pillow machine can heat up quickly in 30 seconds.

2. Filling speed up to 39.37 ft/min.

3. Temperature, wind speed and speed can be adjusted to your needs.

4. Adaptable to AC 110V-220V voltage.

[Easy to install]

1. Install the feed roller with a hex wrench.

2. Pull out the bearing legs.

3. Plug in the power.

4. Set wind speed and temperature parameters.

5. Get to work.

[Cost saving]

Air cushions help minimize packaging-related labor, packaging materials, and storage costs. Easy to use. Business owners need less labor in packaging and transportation

[Save time]

The air packer produces on-demand air cushions and pillows of 12 meters (40 feet) per minute. They work quickly compared to other tiny machines that are only 5 meters per minute. Compared to other products, our machines can heat up quickly in about 30 seconds. It is compatible with a wide range of hover film and air pillows.

[Save space]

It uses small machines to package products from all over the world. The machine measures only 15.75 × 5.71×11.42 inches, or about 4.9 kilograms. This is a small lightweight machine. In addition, it requires very little space to operate. Air packaging films save more space than EPS, foam or other packaging materials.

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Air Packaging Machine Features

1. Enables you to create air cushion packaging to protect your product during shipping

2. It can be used after a few seconds of power-on

3. Lightweight and easy to use

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How Air Packaging Machine Works

Simply insert the airbag reel into the spindle, follow the instructions in the user's manual through the machine, and then set the recommended speed, temperature and airflow rate for your airbag. Once everything is ready, the machine inflates the air bags in the roll, then heats and seals them, giving you the perfect air pillow that you can use to pack and protect your cargo during transportation or transit.

Air Packers machine, is a great affordable solution for individuals or companies to ship large quantities of fragile products on a regular basis, helping to ensure that your products arrive safely to your customers.

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