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Air Cushion Pouch Machine

Air Cushion Pouch Machine

Product name: Air cushion machine
Brand name: Pai king
Material: Plastic + metal
Speed: 35 meter/minute
Size: 40*17*31CM
Weight: 16kg
Usuage: Inflate air cushion film
Free air cushion film

mini air cushion machine

Air cushion pouch machine detail

air bubble column film making machine

air fill pillow making machine

Air cushion pouch machine feacture


1. High speed.

Speed is 35meter/minute.


2. Perfect sealing.

Normal sealing will easily cause wrinkle, air leakage zone because the sealing of film will be influencedby high speed air stream.


3. No air leakage.

Air filling rate canreach 95%


4. Conyvenient mainteanance.

Quick change of belt and blade.


5. Precision machine.

High-precision machining parts.


6. Teamperature control system.

Imported heating sustom accessories.

Air Cushion Machine Packaging

Please be careful when using the air cushion pouch machine.


1. Before use, please make sure that powder supply is always okugged in tight. Sudden powder failure during use may easily cause damage to be the machine. It is forbidden to continue using the machine when power cord is damaged.


2. When the pause time is too long, the bubble film may be damaged due to the high temperateure of the machine. When not in use, the coil can be removed.


3. Using the machine for too long may cause the blade to be dull, just replace the blade


4. Do not open the protective or inspection cover, only authorized dealers ir manufactures’ maintenance can open.


5. Do not use in a humid envirment.


6. Avoid cotact of fingers, clothes and jewelry with the roller during operation or loading and unloading of material.

column air filling machine

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