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Air Pillow Cushion Film

Air Pillow Cushion Film

Products name: inflatable Air pillow film
Brand Name: PaiKing
​Material: HDPE
Standard Size: 20cm width*10cm/12cm/13cm perforated*500m length per roll/Customized
Thickness: 15um-50um
Color: Transparent
Inflator: Air cushion machine
Free samples, Free machine

           Protective Air Cushion Film / Air Pillow Film Roll Packaging / Air Bubble Cushion Bag

air pillow film roll details

air pillow cushion film Use in packaging

(1) Can be customized, such as the body-hugging underwear protection, but also because of the use of fully covered packaging, reduce external friction, transport anti-damage air cushion packaging, environmental protection packaging manufacturers, environmental protection buffer packaging in line with export demand packaging

(2) Cartons can be wrapped on four sides and filled with inner bags for delivery.

(3) Can adopt repeated extraction type, or extraction mouth sealing, open sealing destruction type packaging method, the coating and the outside world is isolated, can keep, moisture-proof.

(4) It can adopt the inner packing method of gas column, and put small objects into the gas column and then inflate them, forming the row packing method.


air pillow cushion film features

(1) Can be customized according to your company's products

(2) No need to open the mold, can be modified at any time, can save a large amount of mould opening and mould modification costs."

(3) excellent protective effect -95% air and 5% composite film composed of air bag compared with other materials (such as poly dragon EPS/ cardboard, pearl cotton, etc.) suction. It works better!

(4) Save storage, transportation and packaging costs. Just a general plastic bag before the gas column is flushed. After the package product than the traditional packaging material outside the volume is much smaller but can obtain the same protection effect.

(5) In line with the trend of environmental protection - SGS non-toxic certification, ROHS certification, can be sold around the world.


Air pillow shipping

Cost Reduction

As with most business matters, the first question on your mind will be “Will air pillows save on our overall costs?”. Air pillows are lightweight and add practically zero additional weight to your shipment, which will save on freight costs. Air pillows are often filled-on-demand which means they require much less floorspace to store in your facility.

Because air pillows come in different sizes and don’t require full inflation, you can customize each products protection easily. This reduces the need for multiple layers of packaging protection. 


the characteristics of the filled air pillow cushion film:

1. The cost is lower than that of paper; it can be deflated and inflated at any time and used repeatedly to save costs;

2, Good elasticity, good recovery, clean products, no dust, unlike paper that brings paper scraps and dust;,

3. Simple operation, disorderly external equipment, automatic air lock, saving labor costs

4. Strong pressure resistance, can withstand a net pressure of 50kg, and keep the product from deforming.

5. Smaller volume, saving more warehouse space; flexible filling method, can be inflated after getting the bag, saving transportation volume, can be inflated in a different place, simple and convenient; you can print your logo to comprehensively improve you The image of your product is higher;

6. air pillow cushion film is lighter and saves transportation costs.



air cushion film factory

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