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Inflatable Air Pillow Packaging

Inflatable Air Pillow Packaging

Product name: Air cushion pillow film
Brand name: Paiking
Material: HDPE
Size: 20cm width x 10cm perforated x 500m/roll/customized
Thickness: 20 micron
Color: Transparent white
Inflator: Air cushion machine
Certification: ROHS By SGS, ISO9001
Custom service:Available
Free samples, free air cushion machine

What is Inflatable air pillow packaging?

"Packaging is air." One man said.


The packaging airbag is a new era product that cushions and protects the development of the packaging industry. It is a recyclable, shock-absorbing packaging material that has gradually replaced early packaging materials such as waste paper and foam.

 Air Pillows 8 x 4 inch

Inflatable air pillow packaging Description

Packaging airbags can be divided into wrapped airbags and inflatable packaging bags. Wrapped airbags are commonly used in the form of a pumpkin ball and small waves. They are used for express delivery and packaging, product packaging or placing in boxes. Separate the product from the packing container to avoid direct contact between the product and the packing container and damage.


The shapes of inflatable packing bags such as bubble pillows, commonly used specifications are: 200 * 100mm, 200 * 130mm, 200 * 150mm, 200 * 200mm and 200 * 250mm, which are used to fill the gap between the Packing box and the product to prevent the product from being damaged during transportation. Shake and punch to protect the safe transport of the product.


Airbag packaging is a more protective packaging method. It has great advantages over traditional packaging methods. The unfolded space is small, which can save a lot of storage space for the company; And the airbag packaging is very simple and beautiful. Compared with waste paper and foam packaging, the appearance of the packaging is improved by the N grades, which virtually improves the market competitiveness of the company's products.

 air pillows for shipping

How to inflate air pillow packaging?

The packaging airbag inflates with a special airbag machine for support equipment. The machine can quickly and easily produce packaging airbags, making packaging more efficient. To inflate the packaging airbag, simply place the film roll on the unit and inflate it according to the instructions for use. Can produce a large number of airbags. The air cushion machine has a number of functional styles, and users can choose according to their needs.


If the user's packaging product specifications are uniform, only a single packaging airbag can be used to select a mini airbag machine. The advantage is that the body is small, the operation is simple and the price is favorable, which can meet the packaging needs of most small and medium-sized users.


If the user's packaging products have a wide range of specifications and need to be packed and filled in bubble bag packaging, you can use the air cushion machine, which is fast, powerful and stable. It can produce packaging airbags with different specifications to meet the needs of most users. Packaging requirements. 

inflatable air pillows

Packaging Shipping Cushion Manufacturer

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