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2 Wheeler Assembly Line

2 Wheeler Assembly Line

Product name: Conveyor belt
Brand name: Paiking
Material: PVC/PU
Size: customized
Variable speed: 0-30meter/minute/customized
Usuage: Transportation

v shaped conveyor

2 wheeler assembly line detail

assembly line for cars

1 meter conveyor belt

The daily use of 2 wheeler assembly line specific precautions

1. The distance between supporting rollers should be shortened and buffer rollers should be adopted in the receiving section of the conveyor belt. in order to prevent material leakage, a soft and moderate baffle should be adopted on the belt side so as not to scratch the belt surface of the conveyor belt, and the feed orientation should be adapted to the purpose of the operation of the belt. In order to reduce the impact of material landing on the belt, chute should be adopted to reduce the material landing interval.

2. The relationship between the diameter of the transmission drum of the conveyor and the distribution layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the transmission drum, the reversing drum and the requirements for the bracket angle should be formulated according to the design of the conveyor.

8 ft conveyor belt

2 wheeler assembly line advantage

1. The layout of transmission line is flexible. Compared with the belt conveyor, the plate conveyor can be transported under the condition of larger inclination angle and smaller bending radius, so the arrangement is more flexible. The inclination angle of the plate conveyor can reach 30 °- 35 °, and the bending radius is generally about 5-8m.

2. Various processes such as classification, drying, cooling or assembly can be carried out in the process of transportation.

3. Running smoothly and reliably.

belt conveyor machine

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