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Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap

Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap

Products name: honeycomb paper roll
Brand Name: PaiKing
Material:Pure wood pulp kraft paper Standard Size: 51cm width*80gsm*250m length per roll/Customized
Thickness: 70-120g
Color: Brown/White/Black/Customized
Usuage: Transportation protection Free samples, Free machine

honeycomb kraft paper wrap
honeycomb kraft paper wrap
BrandPai King
Featureshockproof &biodegrable
Material TypeMade from sustainable forests
Friendly Naturally biodegradable, compostable. 
Key Features Wrap cushioning kraft paper provides exceptional protection and prevents damage for a wide range of goods.
Dimension information30cm/39cm/50cm*200/250/300m  70-120g
used in many industries such as e-commerce, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods

honeycomb paper wrap

Advantages of honeycomb kraft paper wrap:

1. The use of green non-polluting virgin pulp paper is easy to degrade and environmentally friendly, recyclable and recyclable.

 The honeycomb grid packaging paper packaging system conveys a sustainable development concept and provides a green solution packaging method. It is made of environmentally-friendly and degradable materials. In addition to environmental protection and recyclable characteristics, it provides green packaging solutions for various industries.

2. Beautiful, generous, and high-quality, with a high-quality appearance that other cushioning packaging does not have.

The use of honeycomb grid wrapping paper packaging can demonstrate the value and quality of the packaging, and at the same time bring a special unpacking experience to customers. Let customers truly experience the value of the purchased items and feel highly valued.

3. The packaging method is flexible, and the packaging effect can be arbitrarily exerted according to the size of the product.

From the nature of packaging, the main goal is to play a protective role, thereby reducing the damage rate to a minimum. Honeycomb mesh kraft paper packaging provides your customers with suitable product packaging and good protection methods.

4. Simple and flexible, does not occupy storage space, and is small in size.

Before the honeycomb grid wrapping paper is formed by the paper ejector, its appearance is almost the same as that of ordinary cylindrical kraft paper. After the paper ejector or manual stretching, it can extend between 1.4-1.7 times in length. Since the materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, they can reduce environmental pollution, reduce costs, and improve benefits.

honeycomb wrap

honeycomb packaging paper

honeycomb packaging

honeycomb paper cushion wrap

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