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honeycomb paper for packing

Apr 11, 2021

Honeycomb paper is a new package, 100% biodegradable and recylce, it is good for protection when goods transportation. 

 And here are honeycomb paper feacture:

  • Sound absorption and heat insulation.

The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation and heat preservation performance.

  • No pollution, in line with modern environmental protection trends.

Honeycomb paper is all made of recyclable paper materials, which can be recycled 100% after use. The waste and leftover materials from the corrugated box production process can also be die-cut and bonded to form a honeycomb corrugated cardboard cushion of various shapes. Even if they are discarded, they can be degraded and absorbed by nature. Good green packaging materials. In European and American countries, the wood packaging needed for goods imported from my country must be fumigated, and honeycomb paper is a new type of environmentally friendly material.

honeycomb paper filling

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