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How is the coextrusion process of air cushion film

May 11, 2020

The middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, so it is lighter, more transparent, more elastic than other plastic materials, with sound insulation, shock resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used in electronics, instrumentation, ceramics, crafts, household appliances, and self-driving cars. OK, shock-absorbing cushioning packaging for kitchens, furniture and lacquer products, glass products and precision instruments. The following Tianjin air cushion film manufacturers will introduce the specific operation method of the co-extrusion process.

Co-extrusion can produce a multi-layer film, there is no need to first produce a single layer film, and then compound the single layer film in two steps. The molten polymers are carefully added together to produce a layered melt, and then a plastic film or sheet is produced in the traditional manner. When only plastic is used in the flexible packaging structure, co-extrusion is better than compounding, unless cover printing is used. But it is clear that non-thermoplastic materials cannot be included by coextrusion.

Compared to compounding, the main advantage of co-extrusion is that it can use a very thin material layer, which is much thinner than the single-layer film that can be produced. This is particularly important for expensive substrates, such as those commonly used to impart barrier properties. The amount of expensive resin used is sufficient as long as it produces the desired properties. The thinness of the layer is not limited by the requirements for the production of linerless films and their processing in the subsequent compounding process.

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