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How to improve the shrinking effect of cushion air cushion machine

May 29, 2020

(1) Selection of heat shrinkable packaging film:

The packaging effect of the cushioning air cushion machine should be selected according to the different quality of the product, different materials and different packaging effect requirements. In fact, the selection of the heat shrinkable packaging film is not very cumbersome, as long as the yield of the heat shrinkable packaging film is good, the thickness is moderate That's it. The main factor that the heat shrinkable packaging film affects the effect of the product heat shrinkable packaging is the shrinkage rate, the greater the shrinkage rate, the better.

(2) Buffer air cushion machine configuration:

The cushion air cushion machine is heated by the heating tube inside the furnace and then blown by the fan blades to shrink the shrink film with hot air. The heating mode of the shrink machine is direct heating of the quartz tube, and the air is recirculated in the stainless steel tube. Well, the difference between these two devices is introduced in the knowledge of the heat shrink machine of this site.

(3) Heat shrinkable film machine performance and air flow system structure:

When buying a cushion air cushion machine, first choose the fan. At the same time, we must pay more attention to the layout of the hot air circulation pipeline system structure. When the fan works, it can stir up and down the heating temperature evenly, so as to achieve the effect.

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