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The types of air column inflatable packaging bag

Nov 11, 2021

Q-type air column inflatable packaging bag


This bag is easy to understand. Just like the letter Q, it has an opening at the top, and the bag completely covers your product. It actually packs the product inside, and the entire product is packed in an air column bag. 360° buffer protection product, no dead angle. Therefore, it can prevent items from shifting, scratching or breaking during transportation. Because of this feature, Q bags are ideal packaging materials for fragile products such as glass bottles, red wine, electronic products, and cosmetics.

Air Column Inflatable Packaging Bag

L-type air column inflatable packaging bag


As the name suggests, the L-type air column airbag is like an "L"-one side is higher than the other. When packaging, the long side can be folded to cover the mouth of the bag. This type of air column bag has a large opening. Usually used for packaging large-size products, such as canned milk powder, canned food, tea, storage tanks, large-diameter cans or boxed food, etc.

Air Cushion Wrap Air Column Bag

U-type air column inflatable packaging bag


The U-type bag is like the letter "U". There is an opening at the top without a lid or lid. It is usually used to pack large-size but flat items, such as led screens, photo frames or flat large-scale crafts. The U-type air column bag is very convenient to use. After professional design, u bag can provide reliable cushion protection for most products. 

Inflatable Air Column Bag Package

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air column bag packaging

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