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What is air cushion wrap roll

Jan 29, 2021

Now the rapid development of the logistics express industry, as a product in transportation will inevitably be hit or bumped, as a new packaging, air cushion wrap roll arises at the historic moment.

Air cushion wrap roll is a kind of packaging material made of PE/PA, which is usually used for transport protection and packaging of express delivery and logistics. It is used as cushioning protection when products are shipped and packaged, which can ensure the transportation safety of products and avoid product damage during transportation. So as to reduce the loss of merchants.

How to use air cushion wrap roll in logistics packaging? Bubble film air cushions is used for the wrapping of the product and the bedding in the box. Inflatable air column bag is used for bottle,laptop, milk powder ect. 

air cushion void fill packaging

Air cushion wrap roll is purpose to separate the protective product from the packaging container, so as to avoid the damage, squeeze and scratch of the product during transportation, handling and stacking; or it is also used for the gap filling in the packaging container to prevent the product from shaking excessively during transportation and to ensure the safe transportation of the product.

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