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Air Cushion Film Bubble Film Company Come Back From Chinese New Year Festival Holiday

Nov 13, 2021

We, air cushion film bubble film company just came back from Chinese New Year holiday.

New year's Day is a day to get rid of the old and the new. Although the New year's Day falls on the first day of the first lunar month, the activities of the festival are not limited to the first day of the first lunar month. From the Lunar New year's Day on the 23rd (or 24th) of the twelfth lunar month, people begin the "busy year": cleaning houses, washing their hair and bathing, preparing New year's Day utensils, and so on. All these activities have a common theme, that is, "bid farewell to the New year and welcome the New year". People greet the New year and spring with grand ceremony and enthusiasm.

New year's Day is also a day to offer sacrifices and prayers for the New year. The ancients said that a ripe millet is a "year", and a bumper harvest of grain is a "big year". In the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, there was an annual harvest celebration. Later, offering sacrifices to heaven and praying for the New year became one of the main contents of the New year custom. Moreover, all kinds of gods, such as the kitchen god, the door god, the wealth god, the joy god, the well god and so on, enjoy the incense and fire of the world during the Spring Festival. People use this to reward the gods for their past care and pray for more blessings in the new year. New year's Day is also a day for family reunion and devotion to ancestors. New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered together, had a "reunion dinner", the elders distributed "lucky money" to the children, and the family sat together to "keep watch". At the time of the Lunar New year, firecrackers went off, and the activities to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New year reached the best part. Families burn incense to salute, worship heaven and earth, offer sacrifices to their ancestors, then pay New year's greetings to their elders in turn, and then greet each other with relatives and friends of the same family. After the first day, they began to visit relatives and friends and give each other gifts to celebrate the New year. New year's Day is a festival for people to entertain and revel. After the first day, a variety of rich and colorful entertainment activities were carried out: playing with lions, dragon lanterns, Yangko, walking on stilts, juggling and so on, adding a rich festive atmosphere to the Spring Festival. At this time, just before and after "the Beginning of Spring", a grand spring welcoming ceremony was held in ancient times, whipping cattle to welcome the spring, praying for good weather and a bumper harvest. All kinds of social fire activities form the best part again until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

air bubble film cushion film

We also set of fireworks, have a new year greeting and so on. All of our company member had a great time.

Now, we came back, if you need any air cushion film bubble film, just us. We are always here for you.

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