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Air Cushion Membranes Are Actually Everywhere

May 14, 2020

Nowadays, with the prevalence of online shopping, most people have become more and more accustomed to shopping online. Of course, some of these purchases also have items that require moisture and pressure resistance. So how do you package these items for transportation?

This requires a bubble film, and its appearance perfectly solves this problem for people. The bubble film is also called the bubble cushion or the air bead film because of its shape, and was invented by Americans. Its manufacturing raw material is high-pressure polyethylene, supplemented by materials, extruded and blister-formed in a high-temperature environment to form a bubble-shaped air cushion with air layer in the middle.

It is precisely because of this manufacturing process that the bubble membrane material has the advantages of light texture, shock absorption and compression, and elastic cushioning. Based on the above advantages, bubble film is widely used in modern packaging industry. According to the different occasions and products, people have designed and manufactured bubble packaging bags, bubble envelope bags, thermal insulation cores and other forms to meet the needs of daily life to save the pressure, shock, heat and heat preservation of transported goods. In addition, in Hebei Air Cushion Film Packaging Factory, the protruding air bubbles of the bubble film are also regarded as a way of decompression. Every time the bubbles are pinched, the nervousness and anxiety will be slightly released.

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