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New Product Bubble Wrap Roll

Mar 04, 2022

bubble wrap roll 1

Bubble wrap roll, also known as cushion film, is made of excellent resin, and it is also a kind of packaging material widely used at present, and it is of general use. Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, it is light, elastic, soundproof, shockproof and wear-proof. This product can replace protective equipment such as foamed plastic particle fillers, and it is a protective packaging choice for sellers such as electronic products, cosmetics, audio-visual cd, etc.

The scope of application of this product is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pressure. It is a good choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small household appliances, fragile items and so on. The bubble film has the effects of shock-proof, damage-proof, cushioning and moisture-proof. Widely used in fine electronic instruments, handicrafts, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle accessories, ceramic glass products, fire-fighting equipment and furniture and other packaging.

bubble wrap 2


And also, bubble wrap roll have other function too.


First, it is made into a remote control cover. We wrap the remote control in bubble film, wrap it around, then subtract the excess, and then tape it up. Such a simple remote control cover is done, which is dust-proof and fall-proof.

Second, clean shoelaces. We soak the shoelaces with water and put them on the unfolded bubble film, then we put some detergent and wrap them around and rub them like this to increase the friction. This cleaning will make the shoelaces cleaner.

Third, protect high-grade fragile objects. If there is high-grade furniture at home, we can wrap it with bubble film, which can prevent it from cracking or breaking. it's very practical.

Fourth, the floor mat is anti-skid. The floor mats in our house are always slippery and run away without paying attention. We can put the bubble wrap roll under the floor mat so that it can prevent skid.

air bubble film

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