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Air Column Bag For Laptop

Air Column Bag For Laptop

Products name: Air column bag
Brand Name: PaiKing
​Material: PA+PE
Standard Size: air column bag for 14inch laptop or 15inch laptop/Customized
Thickness: 50um to 80um(single layer)
Color: Transparent/Customized
Inflator: Hand Pump, Air compressor, Air column machine
Free samples, Free hand pump

air column bag laptop detial   

       Air Column Laptops High Quality Strong Enough Air Column Cushion Protection For Laptops

air column bag for laptop advantage

1. Reduce material costs-the inflated cushion air column bag is composed of 99% air and 1% film, which saves 30%-50% of the cost of other packaging materials.

2. Reduce storage space and transportation costs-the cushion air column bag material is in a roll or flat laminated state before inflation, so the storage and transportation space is very small.

3. Good cushioning effect-a single cushion air column bag can bear a weight of 80-100kg. The cushion air column bag can effectively fill the excess space or gap between the product and the carton, ensuring that the product will not move or shake in the carton during transportation.

4. Environmental protection-reusable; after the air cushion is used, the film can be recycled and regenerated, easy to handle, and no environmental hazards.

The price of the integrated cushion air column bag is a relatively cost-effective logistics transportation packaging

plastic laptop air bag

air column bag for laptop

Air column bag VS pulp injection molding, EP styrofoam, EPE pearl cotton, electrostatic bag, aluminum bag, PE bag, various bags

1 Volume: completely flat and small before inflating VS bulky

2. Warehousing: Small storage space, small storage space vs. huge space

3. Cushioning: The product is completely covered, with good cushioning and cushioning VS high damage during transportation

4.Environmental recycling meets the seventh category of environmental protection source recycling, recyclable VS consumes a lot of paper resources and recycles to a high level

5.The appearance of the image is beautiful, and the promotion of the company's image only provides protection VS does not help to enhance the company's image

inflatable laptop packaging

Air Column Bag for Laptop description 

If you want to pack a laptop, using the factory packaging is the best way. If you don’t have factory packaging, the air column bag is a very good packaging solution. In addition to providing air cushion protection for the laptop, the air column bag can also fill the space between the inner box and the outer packaging box. The air column bag provides laptop not less than cushioning protection effect as the factory packaging, ever better.

Excellent protection: made of high-strength Pa/Pe materials, providing excellent cushion protection.

Waterproof & dustproof: certain degree of waterproof and dustproof.

Good product image: transparent packaging leaving a good product image to customers.

Easy to use: It can be inflated with a manual pump. After inflation, it is automatically closed, and the packing is convenient.

Saving warehouse space: It is as thin as a piece of paper before inflation saving storage space.

Inflating tools: hand pump, electronic pump, auto inflating machine.

Logo & slogan printing available.

Default thickness: 0.07 mm

inflatable laptop packaging

laptop air bag

laptop air column bag

inflatable air column bag

buffer air column bag

air column manufacturer

air cushion film factory

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