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Air Column Bag For Wine

Air Column Bag For Wine

Products name: Air column bag
Brand Name: PaiKing
​Material: PA+PE
Standard Size: air column bag for 750ml wine bottle/Customized
Thickness: 50um to 75um
Color: Transparent
Inflator: Hand Pump, Air compressor, Air column machine
Free samples, Free hand pump

Air Column Bag For Wine:

7 column height 32 cm red wine gas column bag, related introduction:

Name: Cushioning air column bag 7 column height 32 cm red wine air column bag.

Specification: 7-column wine bag. (Other specifications can be customized).

Material: PE/PA/Nylon 9-layer co-extruded film (Nylon content 20%).

Net weight: about 0.03kg/piece.

Thickness: 65um. Sufficient thickness, strong protection effect

Suitable for: 32cm inner bottle height, about 9cm diameter wine. Such as red wine, champagne, etc.

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Air Column Bag for Wine advantage:

1. Excellent anti-vibration buffer function

Seismic cushioning is the task of the air column bag. The reason why the air column bag becomes the air column bag is because it is a column filled with gas. Together, each column is independent of each other and will not affect other columns because of the rupture of one column. In this way, the packed red wine will not be damaged due to fluctuations and collisions due to the packing of the air column during transportation!

Because of the special maintenance of the red wine, the amount of damage is reduced, so that a good change saves the cost of the manufacturer. So, what are the advantages of using air column bags in terms of cost savings?

2. Energy-saving costs

As mentioned above, reducing wine damage and cost, the air column bag also has other cost-saving functions. The red wine air column bag is completely flat before being inflated, just the thickness of a few sheets of A4 paper, which can be used now, which saves a lot of storage space and reduces storage costs. Secondly, put the red wine into the inflatable bag, it can be filled with gas soon, which reduces the packaging time and improves the work efficiency!

3. Improve corporate image

    The red wine air column bag belongs to the 21st century new packaging system, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, recyclable, and meets the EU ROHS green environmental protection requirements. As human beings pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the voice of environmental protection packaging is getting higher and higher. The use of inflatable air column bags must meet the environmental protection requirements of consumers. Therefore, the use of such air column bags is conducive to improving the image of the enterprise.

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Air Column Bag for Wine



Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company ?

A1: We are factory that specialized in manufacturing various kinds of plastic packaging products, especially for the food storage

      packaging. We have the patents of embossed vacuum pouches and vacuum sealer rolls.


Q2: How about the sample, is it free ?

A3: Common size sample is free, but you need to pay the freight. If need customized, we may also charge for the sample fee.

Q3: What's the delivery time ?

A4: Once we got the prepayment, usually the products will be ready in 7-10 days or earlier, it depends on the item and the purchas quantity.

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