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Inflatable Air Column Cushion Bags

Inflatable Air Column Cushion Bags

Product name: Laptop air column bag
Brand name: Paiking
Material:PE +PA (Nylon)
Size: 14 inch/15inch laptop air column bag / customized
Thickness: 75 micron
Color: Transparent white
Inflator: Hand pump, air compressor, air cushion machine
Certification: ISO9001, ROHS by SGS
OEM Service: Available
Free samples, free hand pump

Inflatable Air Column Cushion Bags Description

With the development of e-commerce, e-commerce and transportation, express logistics, consumers can enjoy the convenient of on line shopping all over the country, but with the destruction of transportation, has been a problem that plagues e-commerce and micro-commerce.


In order to solve the problem and ensuring the safety transportation, some enterprises and merchants use foam film and white foam as internal packaging materials, as we know the foam film and white foam six disadvantages: 1, occupy storage space ; 2, buffer efficiency is poor; 3, high price, high transportation costs; 4, packaging demolition is not easy; 5, not beautiful, produce white pollution.


Therefore, the introduction of airy column bag products, can avoid the above six shortcomings, but also can help customers reduce the process of transportation of broken, crush and other situation happen, it can make your products safety reach to your customer's hand , to avoid unnecessary losses.

air column bag laptop roll

Inflatable Air Column Cushion Bags Advantage

1, air column bag made by the environmental protection, non-toxic medical material, no harm no hurt for man’s healthy


2, the air column bag is using the physical principle, after inflating, there is no void to make the goods movement, avoid friction damage of goods.


3, because the air column bag is full of air, so the role of the air column bag is not only have buffer effect, but also can play the role of earthquake-resistant, explosion-proof:


4, the price of air column bag is quite low, suitable for many places to use


5, because the air column bag is no inflate before use, just like a stack of thick pieces of paper, so it’s very save storage space and convenient storage:


6, air column bag easy to use, beautiful and generous, easy to tear down.

bubble protection air column bag laptop

Inflatable Air Column Cushion Bags Features

✔ extremely reduce transportation costs and can transport a mass of air column bags or buffer bags at each time.

✔ extremely reduces storage costs, you only need to inflate the air column bags when you needed inflating and using, not only easy to use, but also save storage space.


✔ improve the efficiency of manual operation, automation air cushion equipment can continue to inflate, high efficiency, can save a lot of labor. 

laptop cushion packaging

protective laptop air column bag

plastic air column bag laptop

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