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Packaging Air Column Bag

Packaging Air Column Bag

Product name: Laptop air column bag
Brand name: Paiking
Material:PE +PA (Nylon)
Size: 14 inch/15inch laptop air column bag / customized
Thickness: 75 micron
Color: Transparent white
Inflator: Hand pump, air compressor, air cushion machine
Certification: ISO9001, ROHS by SGS
OEM Service: Available
Free samples, free hand pump

Packaging Air Column Bag Introduction

Air column bag products are a new type of packaging products, through CTI, SGS, The European Union REACH non-toxic test certification, is currently the best buffering, earthquake-resistant, filled packaging materials, is a revolution in the packaging industry in the 21st century, the use of natural air packaging technology, not only energy saving, cost reduction, but also environmental protection pollution-free, is in line with the European Union, the United States and other developed countries environmental standards of the new packaging materials. 

Packaging air column bag are widely used in e-commerce logistics and express delivery, products such as electronic products (VCD, DVD, mobile DVD, PDA, video cameras, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, LCD screens, LCD TVs, precision instruments), printing supplies: (cartridges, cartridges, etc.) processing ceramics, wine bags and other fragile items.

buffer air column bag laptop

Packaging Air Column Bag Composition

Under normal use conditions, the original material (film) or finished product (air cushion) are completely clean, will not cause any pollution!

AIR-BAG gas bags, is the use of air buffer of the new packaging system, the product close to cover, can really protect the packaging of products, not only fill, support only.

Provides long-term storage and transportation of non-leaking anti-seismic protection, gas column comprehensive cover buffer protection, to minimize damage rate. Compared with traditional fillers, there is no damage caused by large gaps in the box in the package, and the frequent displacement of items during transport, and air-BAG's close-fitting design uses air cushions to disperse pressure even in the event of external force extrusion to avoid damage.

bubble air column bag laptop

Packaging Air Column Bag Advantage

1) Low cost: Air column bag cost is very low. Everyone knows about air column bags knows that modern process production is mechanized automation, air column bags are highly efficient, do not need to open, test molds, mold replacement, so as to save a lot of research and development production costs

2) Save space less trouble: compared with traditional packaging, air column bag space is small, better protection effect. Most importantly, consumers don't have to worry about a lot of junk when they get the goods:

3) Recyclable: Belongs to the seventh category of recycling standards:

4) Reduce costs: reduce packaging process, save manpower, save storage costs, pressure greatly reduced:

5) Logistics solid protection: at the same time can also provide long-term storage and transportation of shock and impermeable

protection air column bag laptop

custom air column bag laptop

custom size air column bag laptop

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