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Air Column Roll Wrap

Air Column Roll Wrap

Products name: Air column roll
Brand Name: PaiKing
​Material: PA+PE
Size: 20cm to 116cm width
Thickness: 50um to 75um
Color: Transparent
Inflator: Hand Pump, Air compressor, Air column machine
Free samples, Free hand pump

                        Inflatable Air Column Rolls Bubble Cushion Wrap Packaging

Air column roll wrap products are a new type of packaging material. It is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging material, and it is also the first choice to replace traditional packaging materials. It uses an air column to make a synthetic buffer kit with a 2cm-4cm air column. The air column is filled with 65% to naturally form a buffer, and the independent air column is connected to form the best buffer package surrounding the object.

Air column roll wrap uses natural air to protect the packaged items. The airbag packaging bag is an inner and outer double-layer bag made of a double-layer material structure. After the packaged item is put in the bag and inflated, the inner bag is completely according to the package. The shape wraps the skin, and the article is fixed in the center of the bag. When the airbag between the inner and outer bags is impacted or vibrated, the article will not be affected in the bag, thus preventing damage. Using a professional reverse pressure valve, the gas in the bag will not leak out.

Air column roll wrap【product features】

1.Save storage costs: It is film-like before use, which can save more than 90% of storage space.

2. Reduce transportation costs: it can replace traditional packaging materials, reduce the volume of the outer box by more than 10%, and increase the number of containers.

3. Good cushioning and anti-seismic effect: use various air cushions to support the product for suspension protection, disperse and absorb external pressure.

4. Beautiful appearance: transparent appearance, close to the product, and exquisite design, which can increase the value of the product and enhance the corporate image.

5. Good water resistance and air tightness: plastic material, moisture-proof and waterproof, the air leakage rate is 10% on average within 6 months.

Professional air column film 200-1200mm, every 30mm is the unit width interval specification, the width of 200mm-500mm is in stock for a long time, and it can be cut at will to pack fragile goods, such as ventilation windows, glass crafts, express delivery, Red wine, porcelain, precision instruments, etc.

inflatable air column rolls

air column roll inflatable packaging

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