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Air Tube Packaging

Air Tube Packaging

Products name: Air column roll
Brand Name: PaiKing
Material: PA+PE
Size: 20cm to 116cm width
Thickness: 50um to 75um
Color: Transparent
Certification: ISO9001, ROHS by SGS
OEM: Available
Inflator: Hand Pump, Air compressor, Air column machine
Free samples, Free hand pump

Air Tube Packaging Description

In order to transport the goods better and as the pulp prices continue to rise, resulting in its higher cost, and easy to be deformed by moisture mold, it not only take a large part of costs of the production but also not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the shipping protective material like foam and paper package , thereby reducing production costs. At present, more and more enterprises have begun to use air column, air column features is moisture resistance, pressure resistance, low cost, quality assurance, mature technology, improve corporate profits.

inflatable air column roll

Air Tube Packaging Features

Air tube packaging are widely used, as long as your products related to packaging or require to transport the products can use air column roll and bags. Low cost and environmental protection, buffer performance is good. Air column roll and bags has replaced the roles of epe, eps paper plastic material.

air column roll customized

Air Tube Packaging Application

1, Packaging of electronic products

Electronic products are everywhere in the 21st century, people's lives can be a little too boring without electronic products. But electronics are too easy to break. For example, the display screen, the touch screen etc is broken, in this case, a lot of people will choose to replacement the parts, but if you use air column inflatable bags to protect these fragile products will not be damaged by transport. In other words, such as TV, camera, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. can also use inflatable bag and film packaging to protective during transportation.


2, Handicrafts protection

Fragile and easy burning products, such as glass, concave mirrors, pottery, porcelain and other high class but easily broken items. In this case, Use column inflatable bag buffer will reduce losses in the transportation. Of course, if applied to archaeology, the transport of antiquia can be said to reduce a great risk.


3, Precision instruments protection

For precision instruments or expensive products, such as pianos, medical equipment, etc. As we know, precision is the most important. Collisions and bumps can have a great impact on their quality, it can be said that the emergence of air column inflatable bags make this situation greatly improved, because the performance of the inflatable bags themselves is resistant to pressure and punch.

4, Eexplosive product protection

Because many chemical products react with the air and will be flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safety,inflatable bags can block oxygen.This situation is greatly improved.

5, Wooden furniture, iron furniture, lighting equipment, fibers, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, floor tiles, steel plates, boilers, building materials and so on

 shockproof air column roll film

 air column roll packaging

air column roll inflatable

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