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Inflatable Air Column Roll

Inflatable Air Column Roll

Product name: Air column roll
Brand name: Pai king
Material:PE +PA (Nylon)
Size: 20-116cm width, 100-500m length/roll
Thickness: 50-75 micron
Color: Transparent white
Inflator: Hand pump, air compressor, air cushion machine
Free samples, free inflator

air column unit

inflatable packaging air column

Inflatable air column roll is rolled and cut, and any size of packaging paper can be used. No machine is needed, just use an air pump to inflate.


1. Self-inflating protective packaging air tube roller.

2. We specialize in providing air cylinders and bags.

3. We have bags for bottles, cans and boxes.

4. These rolls are available in different sizes and patterns.


air column cushion

Advantages of inflatable air column roll

1. Material: PA/PE co-extruded film, strong protection. Environmental protection: environmental protection, recyclable.

2. Convenient operation: direct inflation without sealing, saving labor costs.

3. Air column: each air column is individually designed. Any damage to the air column will not affect the safety packaging.

4. Warehousing: Flat before inflation, saving warehousing costs.

5. Transportation: The volume and weight are smaller, which saves transportation costs.

6. Protection: The air column keeps 60-120 kg after inflation.

7. Purpose: Protect fragile items (such as wine bottles), valuables, electronic products (such as computers, TVs, hard drives, etc.), light bulbs, toner cartridges, food, medicines, agricultural products, cosmetics, chemical products, clothing, shrinking supplies , Security supplies, mineral products, express delivery, etc.


 plastic air column

Features of customized air chamber packaging


1. We can provide customized packaging solutions according to customer requirements. All you need to do is tell us the attributes, colors, dimensions, and any other information you want us to know.

2. Q-type airbags and L-type airbags are the most common airbags and are ideal choices for hard disk protection.

3. The MOQ of customized protective inflatable bag is 3000.


air column definition



1. Be careful when opening the carton to avoid scratching the inflatable air column roll.

2. Make sure that the air pressure is adjusted correctly.

3. Pay attention to cutting-edge items such as knives and nail clippers when packing.

4. The noise of the air pump should be controlled within the specified range.

5. The workshop should be clean and tidy. Operators are not allowed to wear long fingernails or wear jewelry.

6. The production line continues to inflate, it should consider whether the air source is sufficient and whether the air pump meets the requirements.

inflatable air column wrap bubble

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