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Analysis of the excellent performance of air cushion membrane

May 13, 2020

In our lives, the air cushion film is a relatively common product. The idea of this product comes from the clouds in the sky. It has been popular since the day it appeared. What are the advantages that make people like it so much? Let's take a look together.

The air cushion film we often see is mainly used for product packaging, especially for friends who like to shop online, and the products sent by the store in order to prevent damage, often use this product for wrapping. The products produced by our company have a lot of bubbles. These bubbles have a blocking effect. That is to say, these bubbles use the air they carry to isolate the items from the outside world, and can ensure the stability of the items. The air cushion film can not only be used for packaging, it can also be used to make heat-insulating seat cushions, and it also applies the feature of being filled with air in the middle. The quality of this product is relatively light, and the characteristics of shockproof and wear resistance are outstanding. It is suitable for making automobile sunshields. In addition, the bubbles on it can be squeezed when it is boring, which is a kind of psychological stress relief product.

These are the excellent performance and use of air cushion membrane. If you have purchase intention, you can get in touch with our company.

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