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The usefulness of air cushion membrane

May 14, 2020

Air cushion film is the plastic film with bubbles that we wrap outside when we buy things. After we buy something, we usually throw away these air cushion membranes. This behavior not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes resources. We can collect these things and use them in our lives.

As a packaging material, the used air cushion film can be reused. As long as we clean them, dry them and store them, we can use them again when we need to package them next time. In addition to this secondary use, we can also attach these air cushion films to the bottom of the wall with double-sided tape, because people may kick the dirty wall inadvertently. With the protection of the air cushion film, the wall can be It is very clean, and this "wall protection film" can also be torn off at any time, without causing waste, and is very practical.

For the secondary use of air cushion membrane, there are actually more usages, as long as we pay attention to observe life, we can definitely use it more appropriately.

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