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Selection criteria of air cushion membrane

May 19, 2020

Selection criteria of air cushion membrane

1. Maintenance function. As a packaging material, plastic film is the most important and basic function of product maintenance. Once the maintenance of the product loses its effect and eventually causes the product to depreciate or be damaged, then the packaging material will lose its value.

2. Outstanding welding strength. Welding strength is also a necessary condition for plastic film bags to reliably maintain products. If the strength of the welding seam is lacking, the welding seam will become a fatal shortcoming of the plastic film bag, and the welding seam crack will also damage the product and reduce the maintenance effect.

3. Antistatic property. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of electronic circuit boards is getting higher and higher. Packaging products with antistatic films can prevent static electricity from damaging integrated circuits. In addition, if packaging food or medicines, the packaging film must meet the hygienic performance and hygienic standard air cushion, select several standards that the air cushion film should refer to in order to prevent the product from being contaminated.


The main material of the air cushion film

1. Polyurethane: urethane material has good comprehensive performance. Not only its high strength, high elasticity, high compressive strength, excellent tear resistance, wear resistance, oxygen resistance, ozone and solvent resistance, but also light weight, lightweight for shoes Design makes sense.

2. Thermoplastic polyurethane: Thermoplastic polyurethane is the earliest discovered polymer material with both rubber elasticity and plasticity. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation. Its chemical structure and The Shore hardness is different, the tensile strength is also PVC

3. PVC raw materials have wide sources, low cost, mature production technology, and according to the different additives and the amount of additives, it can produce transparent and opaque products and products with different hardness and softness. What are the main materials of Xun air cushion membrane that can be selected for change? Quickly respond to the color change of sports shoes. However, PVC has low impact strength, large thermal deformation, and less resilience than polyurethane.

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