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Industries where the air cushion film cannot be touched

May 18, 2020

For the air-filled air cushion membrane, it makes a great contribution to us. Because its interior is filled with air, the air cushion film has good cushioning and shock resistance, which allows it to better protect the items during the transportation of the items, so it can be said that its existence Makes our logistics transportation safer and more convenient. Although this substance has such good performance, it also has untouchable industries. For your safety, let us take a look at which industries cannot use air cushion membranes! Although there are many aspects of the performance of the bubble film, but these properties do not have high temperature resistance and insulation, so it is impossible to use this substance in the power industry or other insulation industries, otherwise it may affect our Security poses a threat. In addition, it is not anti-corrosive, so bubble film can not be used in corrosive environment. As long as we use the bubble film correctly, we can maximize its effect.


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