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Components Of Air Cushion Film Machine

Jun 04, 2020

The air cushion film machine is mainly composed of five major parts, namely: extruder, electric control cabinet, forming machine, traction machine and coiling machine.

1. The extruder is composed of motor, reducer, screw, barrel, screen changer, die head and heater. It is mainly responsible for melting, filtering and extruding the raw materials.

2. The electric control cabinet is composed of temperature controller, electric material and frequency converter, and is mainly responsible for the central electric control of the whole equipment.

3. The molding machine is composed of a molding roller and a vacuum pump. The molding roller has three specifications (6mm, 10mm, 28mm) and can be equipped according to customer needs. The molding machine is mainly responsible for effectively shaping the melted raw material extruded from the mold to make it a Air cushion membrane products are an important link.

4. The traction machine is composed of a traction roller, a slitting device, and a film guide roller. It is mainly responsible for effectively pulling the air cushion film from the forming roller.

5. The winding machine is composed of two film rolls, a flipper, and a torque motor meter meter. It is mainly responsible for effectively winding the air cushion film from the tractor, making the air cushion film product into a coil, and then packaging and storage. It is also the last link in the production of air cushion membrane.


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