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Introduction To The Composition And Structure Of Air Column Bag Equipment

May 27, 2020

In addition to the effect of external impact, the vibration-absorbing packaging products of air column bag equipment are also affected by oscillation and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the external force of oscillation, resonance and resonance will occur, which will increase the amplitude. After reaching a certain value, the product will be damaged. The cushioning packaging material can absorb the external force of oscillation and attenuate the amplitude. Recoverable cushioning air bag packaging materials will deform under external load conditions, but the external load can be removed to restore the original shape, that is, the deformation caused by the static load of the outside and the dynamic load of shock and oscillation are outstanding. Resilience.

The composition structure of the air column bag equipment:

1. Air column bag; it is the buffer body of the air column bag and the most important part of the performance of the buffer air column bag. As long as air is injected into the air column, the generated air column is an important support for protecting the product.

2. Air valve membrane:

The key role of the reverse air valve membrane in the air column bag product is to let the gas only in and out, and then to seal the air, which is the basis for the air column bag to have a shock resistance function; the presence of the reverse air valve membrane There is no need to perform a sealing action after the gas is made, which makes it simple and quick for the customer to inflate the air column bag.

3. Nylon co-extruded film: Aside from the difference in composition, simply compare the five-layer co-extruded film and the seven-layer co-extruded film, the number of layers of the seven-layer co-extruded film is more, the overall thickness uniformity of the co-extruded film is easier to manipulate, making the air column bag It is not easy to cause problems such as explosive/air leakage due to the existence of thin areas; the uniformity of each layer of the seven-layer co-extruded film makes the entire co-extruded film more uniform.

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