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The Air Column Bag Equipment Can Manufacture Six Kinds Of Air Cushions According To The Different Film

May 28, 2020

The air column bag equipment is a one-for-one and one-for-two customized special model designed for the production of kraft envelopes and co-extruded bubble envelopes. After the co-extruded film/kraft paper and the PE bubble film are bonded by a hot roller, the composite material is folded in half by a forming device, and then hot-pressed and horizontally sealed to form a standard composite bubble envelope.

The cost of the air column bag is very low. Anyone who knows the air column bag knows that modern process production is mechanized automation, the air column bag is extremely efficient, and does not require mold opening, trial mode, and mold change, so it can save a lot of R&D and production costs.

The air column bag equipment system is used at the packaging site, and the coil material is instantly made into a buffer air cushion according to the site requirements, which is ready to be taken, eliminating the transportation and storage problems of traditional materials. It can be used on the desktop, according to the different film. Create six types of air cushions.

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