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Why Do So Many People Use Air Column Bags

May 21, 2020

1. After the air chamber of the buffer air column bag is filled with air, it can perform all-round cover maintenance on the goods. Its buffering performance is better than any kind of buffering data.

3. The cushion air column bag structure uses the characteristics of PA/PE composite co-extrusion, and it has abundantly developed an air column bag carrier with high extensibility and pressure resistance. Developed into an air column bag with multiple air columns arranged. Not only is green packaging recyclable, not only reduces packaging costs, but also greatly saves packaging costs.

2. Buffer air column bags use the leading foreign production machinery and equipment, and the entire production line is automatically produced; the entire computer control, so that our air column bags can be easily produced, easy to modify, convenient and convenient. Because the introduction of the industry's leading production equipment for cushioning air column bags, we don't even need to develop more molds.

We use stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability of our products, with excellent after-sales service, and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation amount our customers across the globe.